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At Outsprint, we believe in the power of human-centered design for creating public good and social impact. Having done many projects with government agencies and non-profit organisations, we developed many tools along the way. Tools to help us shed light on public and social issues around employment, technology, government-citizen relationships, and more. Tools that others have asked us to share. We thought, “Why let these tools go to waste, after a project is done?” So here they are.

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For design thinkers, by design thinkers

These tools are for creative professionals working at the intersection of design thinking and public/social issues. You could be a classically trained designer, a public officer, or simply someone interested in this space. We design these tools for you as much as for ourselves, because we work in that space too.

Field-tested best practices

Think of our tools as best practices to build on before you start on your project. These tools show our point of view on the issue, the right questions to ask based on our experience, and a way to structure internal discussions going forward. A great way to ramp up on the social issue in question!

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