Design tools for public good.


At Outsprint, we help organisations create better public good outcomes and social impact through human-centered design. All within one week, using what we call a design sprint.

We’re a social enterprise at heart but also a public innovation design consultancy. We love helping people who are in the business of helping other people, or doing work to improve peoples’ lives. Some of our clients come from government organisations, social services, NGOs, and social venture start-ups. Typically, they approach us when they are looking for a fast and fresh approach to solving a sticky problem. These issues are often about the human experience, relationships and interactions between process and people.

That’s when we bring field-tested design thinking tools and methods on fast-paced, one-week projects called design sprints. We believe in working closely together with (not just for) our clients, all of the team all of the time. That way, everyone can experience for themselves the deep insights, different viewpoints and innovative ideas that help their organisation think about issues in ways they cannot see.

Having done many consultancy projects with government agencies and non-profit organisations, we developed many tools along the way. Tools to help us shed light on public and social issues around employment, technology, government-citizen relationships, and more. Tools that others have asked us to share. We thought, “Why let these tools go to waste, after a project is done?” So here they are.

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