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Career conversation cards helps the interviewer have a more holistic and meaningful conversation about the participant’s career, beyond just performance and compensation.

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This deck came from a project to understand people’s career aspirations. We first used these cards as part of design research for the project, but that’s when something surprising happened. Participants were coming back to tell us – post-interview – that the session had been akin to career counselling, even therapeutic. Some said it helped them have better clarity of their career journey, and the questions we asked were questions that few people had asked them, not even their employers. Throughout the project, one thing that really stood out was how there was a hunger for such open conversations around career. Career conversations with employers and HR tend to center around compensation and performance. What seemed to be missing – and therefore the hunger – was talking about the why. Why do you work? Why do you want to work here? What really matters to you? It’s definitely not only money and promotions for sure. We knew we are on to something then, and these cards could play a role in making these conversations more common beyond the project. We improved on the deck after, and here it is.

These career conversation cards helps an interviewer have a more holistic and meaningful conversation about the participant’s career, beyond just performance and compensation. Useful for HR professionals, supervisors, managers, interviewers as a tool during annual performance reviews, feedback sessions, etc. If you’re an employee, you can also use it by yourself or with friends/colleagues to get better clarity on the larger reasons of why you work, and what you aspire towards. It can even be used to facilitate team conversations and have everyone better understand what’s important to one another. General all-round usefulness. It’ll be worth your every dollar.




Use these cards during annual performance reviews, hiring, job interviews, appraisals, employee onboarding. Ask participants to rank all the cards in order of priority, choose top 3 cards on how they see their career, or pick out 3 cards that best represents the current work environment. This deck contains 3 sets of career conversation, so that means you have enough for a group conversation. 2 ‘joker’ cards allow you to create your own card if you feel there’s something missing. Coming soon – a how-to article & video on the different and fun ways to use these cards.




3 sets of career conversation cards (16 cards per set)
Plus 2 ‘joker’ cards to add you own image
Total 50 cards per deck
84mm x 55mm
350gsm paper
Matte finish
Rounded corners
All prices in USD


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