Photo prompts for deeper conversations


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These photo cards help prompt participants into sharing more openly and deeply during your fieldwork.

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This card deck had been the one faithful constant in many of our projects. Ever so versatile, we had used it in many widely varied situations – from the usual in-depth interviews, to group discussions, and even coaching and team onboarding sessions. On many occasions while out on fieldwork when the conversation is stalling, these photo cards help prompt participants into sharing more openly and deeply. These cards work via analogy and metaphor, and the photos draw out interesting perspectives and thoughts from your interviewees. They are really handy when the interviewee is reserved or simply not much of a talker. Over time, we had tweaked the images to reflect some of the common themes we came across for public and social issues. For instance, the photo prompts depicting a bank counters (cold, transactional) and 2 best friends (human, warmth, relational) are useful to represent the contrasts in how citizens like to receive public services.  But even so, participants can still surprise us with a fresh but completely on-point reading of an image in relation to what we were talking about. We can’t think of a more versatile tool that should have a permanent place in your fieldwork kit.




Use these cards during field interviews, group sessions, workshops, meetings. Ask participants to choose and rank their top 3 cards on how they see their current experience using a public service, or pick out 3 cards that best represents the ideal user-provider relationship with the client organization. Coming soon – a how-to article & video on the different and fun ways to use these cards.




50 cards per deck
84mm x 55mm
350gsm paper
Matte finish
Rounded corners
All prices in USD


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